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IMTS 2018 and the Smartforce Student Summit

Watching your kids grow up is really an amazing thing. Many of you have seen my daughters grow up through blog postings and other conversations that I have had personally with many of you during shows as well as sales calls and other meetings. I am proud of both of them as they are both making their way in life. My oldest is a Sophomore in Highschool at Bergen Country Technical High School in Teterboro NJ. Ranked the #3 school in the state and #28 in the nation, she is taking full advantage of her opportunity. Her High school major is automotive engineering which mixes lab work ( good old fashioned shop class ) and classroom where she is learning CAD and CAM, making projects and implementing them into reality. Also look her and I in an Episode of Sticker Shock on Discover channel in early July. She will have her 1915 Model T on the show.
My youngest changes her mind daily in what she wants to be, and at 12 years old, good for her. She recently started discussing pharmacy or being a Dr. She is one to love school and is undeterred by volumes of work thrown at her. My wife and I feel a sense of pride everyday with these two.
Where this conversation is going is STEM and the IMTS student summit. At IMTS in September there is a student summit where school aged children are brought to McCormick place and are given an opportunity to see what opportunities are available in the world of manufacturing. Taken from the IMTS website:
Inspire Students to Pursue a Career in Advanced Technology
We hope you’ll consider bringing your students, their parents, and school administrators to the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2018. Their experience will certainly help them connect school with real-world challenges and may inspire them to pursue a career in advanced technology. #LetsDoThis
In this industry we all realize that our future of manufacturing lies with this generation and their participation in the technology. The student summit should be more then a day out of school for these kids, its an opportunity to look into their future and hopefully later in life they see an opportunity to participate in the world of manufacturing. After all, that smartphone they use everyday would be here without people like us.
With IMTS coming up, we are bringing 8 machines including a new product to add to our centerless grinding systems. We will be extremely proud to show off this new innovation at the show and the game changing nature of it is not to be understated. It is cutting cycle times to a third of what they used to be. In addition to this we will have a number of new innovations to our current product line. Some of them small, others larger and more impactful, but all will be aimed at streamlining the manufacturing of your applications.
In late July and early August we will launching version 4 of website. The strange thing though is they changed our booth# to 6626. Same location and place, just a different number. This site is a good place to plan your visit to our booth or if you are unable to visit our booth you can still experience everything that is going on and have conversations pre or post show with our engineers.
Royal Master is continually growing, having seen a increase in business in the last 9 months we have been strategically hiring people to streamline the process that we have in place and bring new ideas to our mix. This has been satisfying seeing our growth and everything that goes along with it. Our additions are across the board. Manufacturing as well as engineering and office support staff have been bolstered to a total of 6 new hires over the last 9 months.
As IMTS approaches I will be keeping updated coming but keep an eye out for the launch of as well as other updates.