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For many years we had been looking for expand our product line to a large machine. We spent a long time looking at concepts and spindle designs, however we had not found the formula that would make for a product that would reflect to our core concepts of Royal Master. For over 67 years we have manufactured highly accurate centerless grinding systems at affordable prices in the USA. In conjunction with this, we engineer and produce sensible automation systems that efficiently feed parts in and out of the machines we manufacture.

About a year before IMTS 2014 we embarked on a project to put our concepts and engineering to reality. The result was a centerless grinder that out of the first box was grinding to less than 1 micron straight and round. Since that time we have sold many systems to grind applications from guidewires that were .002” in diameter to 3.5” aerospace tubing. In between those extremes we have ground NiTi bar stock, automotive applications including transmission valves, heavy equipment applications, valve spools and power transmission parts and many other applications.


Ball Grinding System

Grind up to six 1.4” balls in less than 10 seconds


TG-12×8 Basic Thrufeed and Thrufeed Microsize Systems

Designed from the ground up -- a new standard in Centerless Grinding Technology

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TG-12×8 Servo Cycle Infeed and Thrufeed Centerless Grinder

Well Rounded Centerless Grinder built for more robust applications

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