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Since the beginning of wire grinding, there has been numerous varieties of different automation systems. These systems ranged from operator assist where the operator would place a wire into a trough and a set of rollers would introduce and extract the wire from the wheels. The more fully automatic systems of loading a bundle of Raw material and walk away. Over the years Royal Master has offered many systems to meet the needs of customers. Below is a variety of current feeding options for guidewire systems.

Automation for Medical Devices

Other Wire Grinding Solutions

Generation 6 Production Guidewire Grinding System

The Generation 6 Guidewire Grinding System is the Sixth Generation of the machine we developed back in the 1980’s. It is really amazing to think 40 years ago we introduced the first CNC guidewire grinding machine and since then we have produced over 800 CNC guidewire grinding machines, grinding millions of guidewires for the world. We have always taken pride in the technological evolution of these systems and the Generation 6 will not disappoint.

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TG-12×4 and TG-12×8 Servo Cycle Grinding Systems

The most versatile machine for up to 5 taper wire grinding

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Automation of Guidewire Grinding

Operator Assist Devices to Fully Robotic Multitasking Solutions

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Generation 5.8 Production Guidewire Grinding System

The machine that revolutionized the wire grinding industry is still producing millions of wires per year worldwide

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TG-12×4 and TG-12×8 Basic Guidewire Grinding

Simple Guidewire Grinding made easy and efficient

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