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IMTS2012 update

There is a familiar question looming around Royal Master last week. It is the very basic “where are we at with …..” This could be anything from a sub assembly for a feeder for the show to the status of our new booth. Regardless of what the topic is, the answer is typically, “pretty good, but we are waiting on X”
X is usually a singular part for a feeder, a vendor who took a few extra days of vacation or we have everything and are just waiting for it to be put together. When we return in full force next week from vacation, we will have most everyone at Royal putting something together for the show or preparing a small but important task.
Many of you may remember Brianne, our intern who made her blogging debut two years ago. Now going into her sophomore year of college, she is back for another summer with us. Her responsibilities have increased as now she is just not handling my budget and some pre-show promotions and database management, but she is now responsible for our leads that we get from the show.
Our Booth will be back, and we are currently working with Creative Thunder Design ( )to put the finishing touches on it before we go live with our 2012 version. It will have all of our details on the show, what we are doing in our booth as well as other projects that we have done this year, all updated for 2012. If you have anything that you want to see, let me know.
Also two years ago Arnold our Head programmer made his Arnolds World Debut. Last weekend he SUCCESSFULLY completed an Iron Man triathlon. 2 mile swim, 112 miles on a bike, and 26.2 mile run. I will be talking with him to make a blog posting of his experiences. Congratulations!