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The TG-12x4 or TG-12x8 Servo cycle machines are the next step up in the evolution of guidewire discussions.

Where the decision comes to upgrade to this type of machine is when you:

  • Have tapers greater than 4” long
  • Want to do up to 5 tapers
  • Are looking for a machine that can do a lot of different types of parts, not just wires. Applications include TF NiTi tubing, catheters, dilator tips, platinum electrodes, etc… All can be done on the same machine.

Material is not a concern for this type of equipment, Grind Stainless Steel, NiTi, plastics or any exotic metal without difficulty.

Specifications and
standard features

This method of grinding is utilized when the taper length is less than the wheel width. In the case of the TG-12x4 it is 4” (100mm). For the TG-12x8 it is 8” (200mm) wide. It is a very simple method of grinding, and when using the right method of loading.
Designed with a Ball Screw Servo Motor for accurate ram motion
Optional Linear Glass Scale
Infeed and Thrufeed Grind
0.0001" (2.5 Micron) Repeatability
Easy To Use Touch Screen Operator Interface
Programmable Infeed Cycles can be saved and recalled with unique file names
Thrufeed Grind with fine resolution positioning to 0.000,01" (0.00025mm) increments
2" of Ram Bed travel allowing for removal of Grinding Wheel
Digital Read-out of Ram Position
Library Storage on PLC of multiple Infeed Cycle Parameters
Servo Motor Driven Regulating Wheel
The Gen 2 grinder provides you with end of wire sensors for:
Fast and Efficient Proximal End Grinds
Up to 5 taper wires, 17' long (5m)
Capable of Long and Multiple Distal Taper Grinds
Available with an Outboard Rail with Fiber Optic Eyes
Add an Auto Load/Unload
Available with a Finger Blade and Finger Regulating Wheel
Utilize 1.5" through up to 4" wide wheel and tooling
Automatic Blade Sizing
Tapers Screen to define profile parameters
Part Library for storing part profiles
Up to 30,000 wires per insert blade

Simple Efficient Guidewire Grinding

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