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As the world of medical devices has progressed over the last 60+ years Royal Master has always been lockstep with the technology. With both the largest medical device companies and the smallest startups working with Royal Master Grinders, we have been a part of the most innovative device designs in history.

As the industry has changed and looked towards more automated systems, Royal Master has delivered to customers fully automatic lights out systems for grinding catheters, guidewires and other micromachined components throughout the world. However we have not forgotten the start-up company either. We enjoy working with start-ups, helping the develop their design and make samples and small production quantities in our R&D lab. Both groups are highly satisfying to us.


Royal Master grinds many different medical applications other than guidewires. We have extensive experience in catheters, cranial drills, dilator tips, neuro stimulation devices, trocar’s, and endoscopic shavers.

Other applications