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Since Royal Master has made their name in the centerless grinding medical applications, we have been challenged with many unique parts over the years, bone and cranial drills, cannula, dilators, balloon catheters, catheter shafts and commodity as well as specialty guidewires. We have also experimented with many products that never saw a human body. They have been ground and tested on Royal Master machines during the R&D phases. We have experienced many medical innovations over the years we have been at the forefront of many helping companies develop processes for their products.

Our R&D team loves these challenges and new products. Many of these applications started with a conversation of “can you grind this...” Sometimes it takes many trials to satisfy the requirements over a few years, however we pride ourselves on the eventually positive outcome of these products.

Our Medical Applications Solutions

Catheter & Dialator Grinds

Billions of catheters ground since the 1960s

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Needle Grinding System

1250 Trocar Needles Per Hour Production Rate Per Machine


Gauging Systems

Gauging of Guidewires and Other Applications

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