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Royal Master Grinders has been manufacturing and providing common sense solutions for centerless grinding projects since 1950. We have expansive experience in many different industries where every .1 second counts, or accuracy required is a fraction of a micron. With over 210 years of combined centerless grinding experience in house, we can work with you to determine the most practical approach that is cost effective as well as productive.

Royal Master offers a wide range of models, all based off our TG-12x4 system. The common thread is each machine—from the most basic systems to most complex—will grind round and straight under 1 micron prior to shipment, including remanufactured machines. Our Hi-Accuracy equipment with granite machine beds and glass scale resolution can make minimum accurate size compensations in .00001” increments. We also offer a wide range of automation that we customize for your requirements. One size doesn’t fit all with automation. From operator assist to robotic systems, we can work with you for your ideal solution.

TG 12x4


The tried and true standard for decades, offering grinds between .001" and 1.5" diameter.


All of the accuracy as our current product line with twice the wheel width–on a compact platform.

TG 12x8 Model Series

Legacy Products

We stand behind and continue to support any machine we've ever built. Learn more about our committment and how we can help maintain and upgrade your system.



We have hundreds of options to customize your Royal Master machine in order you solve your unique grinding need.



Partnering with companies such as Universal Robots, Fanuc, IAI, On-Robot, Robotique, Igus, and others, we design and develop an automation system that is efficient and easy to use. We listen to our customers, their current challenges, and their automation goals to collaboratively design a system that will work for their unique challenges.



What started out as as a Precis-O Matic machine in 1950 has evolved through the ability to hold “space age tolerances” and then to the age of ‘the micron.” The age of the micron has turned into the “lets do a 1.33 CPK on that micron.”


Dressing Options

Accuracy and repeatability is critical to holding the micron tolerances that are found on many of today’s applications. We have multiple dressing options to offer that will meet your applications requirements and your budget.