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Since 1950 when our first centerless grinder was introduced, our TG-12x4 series has been a staple of thousands of companies around the world. Its compact size coupled with its superior accuracy to any other centerless in this size range makes it an ideal fit for many applications. The TG-12x4’s new cleaner look is noticeable, all while boasting many newer features in the last few years. This machine over its 67 year production run has seen just about every thrufeed application that the world can offer.

The TG-12x4 a staple of machine shops for over 65 years has evolved over all those years from holding “space age tolerances” of the 1960’s to a micron, tolerances that are required today. The machine’s technology has improved over the decades with upgrades to spindles, regulating wheel housings, dressers, and now a cleaner appearance. Notable improvements over the last two years are the following:

  • larger and thicker machine cast iron machine bed,
  • larger base,
  • servo regulating wheel drive,
  • stepping motor cross dressers
  • color touchscreen operation.

All of these improvements make the TG-12x4 to have the ability off the assembly line to grind under a micron ( under .000040") straight and round. That’s the quality that’s expected of every machine. Sometimes holding .0001" (2.5 micron) just isn’t good enough.

Over many years the available accessories has gown to the hundreds for our TG-12x4 series. Simple accessories that are available are inclined V chutes, micrometer adjustable work rest blade height and longer guides. More production orientated accessories include conveyor systems, step feeders, for higher volume production. For complete listing of our available accessories

Specifications and
standard features

Machine Capacity.002” to 1.5” (.05mm to 38mm)
Accuracy.00004” (.001mm)
Grinding Wheel12” diameter x 4” wide (304mm x 100mm)
Regulating Wheel6” diameter x 4” wide (152mm x 100mm) Servo Driven 0-500 rpm
Spindle Power7.5hp (optional 10hp) Spindle inverters available
Weight2500 lbs
DressersAir Sensing, Permanently Mounted, stepping motor traversed with touch screen controls. (Programmable Dual dressing zones standard)



TG-12×4 Infeed / Thrufeed Servo Cycle

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