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Since 1950 Royal Master has always been a family owned business and we pride ourselves in helping our customers with a “no problem attitude” and a “happy to help you” solution. Our service engineers, sales engineers, electrical, programmers and just about anyone that works here is happy to pick up the phone and talk to the customers and help. That is the foundation that we have built ourselves on.

When looking for an answer, the answer here is NEVER “let me put you through to his voicemail” and the follow-up question will NEVER be “can I have a purchase order to open a support ticket.” This will NEVER happen at Royal Master Grinders.

We offer many options for machine service in different countries as well as the US. With Service available throughout Asia, Europe, and Ireland we are expanding our worldwide reach as our customer base grows.

Tech Support

Our support philosophy is not a lot of fancy dialog. It is simply “we will get your machine up as quickly as possible.” See our tech support options below:

Call us direct: 201-337-8500

Email us at

After hours support:

Live Chat available Mon-Fri 8:00am -5:00 (EDT)

Remote Connection: Our engineers are happy to log into your machine over the internet to provide a quick resolution to your issue. In a different time zone? Not a problem. We will work out a convenient time for you to get the problem quickly solved.


Please Download TeamViewer and then contact engineering support at 201-337-8500 or


Parts Ordering

Email Alan at or Stacy at

Live Chat available Mon-Fri 8:00am -5:00 (EDT)



Our training can cover any topic -- maintenance, machine disassembly and assembly, new machine checkouts, productivity improvements -- or address your particular application. You can set up yearly visits or contact us with last-minute emergencies. We are here to help you out. Have a unique grinding application that requires specialty training? Please contact


service contracts

We also offer service contracts if you are interested. We understand that some customers enjoy the certainty of this structure, however we will never charge customer for something that they won’t use or don’t need. For more information, please contact John Memmelaar, Jr. at


Machine Resources

If you have any questions on your particular application please feel free to call us at 201-337-8500, and we will be happy to help.

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