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IMTS 2018 is Only Hours From Closing

IMTS is almost Finished …..


As is customary on the last day of the show I spend the time organizing the last details of the show move out, Bill Of ladings, and also getting the leads into our guys hands so they can start reaching out to all the people that visited us this week. Reflecting opn this show, it was amazing. We had success beyond our expectations not only selling machines but also displaying our newest technology. It is satisfying to not only sell equipment off the floor, but for people to let us know that they stop by every two years to “ see what is the latest and greatest that we brought “

This is a complement to all those at Royal Master who put in the extra hours and worked to make this a success. The bottom line is that it was a good show and I hope we repeat it again in two years!

As is customary for IMTS Rookies we had two new ones this year and they did not disappoint. They wore the Helmet proudly, and Alex the Intern added the appropriate bicycle flag to the ensemble. IT was a good touch. Both John and Andrew made new friends as they introduced themselves “ Hello my name is Andrew and I am an IMTS rookie. “

Oscar also made the trip out for set-up and he also was a champ wearing the helmet proudly during the set-up days. All three know that they will be posted on the blog.


I was also interviewed for IMTS TV which was a fun experience, ...