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A Sneak Peek, Royal Master at IMTS 2016

If you look at the IMTS website at you will see that the show is approaching. This fact came to light the other day as we began making flights for our crew that comes out to the show. What makes us different from other companies that exhibit is we bring personnel that can actually answers questions. A response in booth6646 is not a “ here’s a brochure and someone will call you”! You will never find us sitting at a table reading a newspaper being bothered when someone walks up to ask a question.
Royal Master Grinders is at IMTS to engage with you, answer your questions and work with you to develop your projects.
IMTS has a theme of “We Are….” For 2016. If I had to add to this from the Royal Master Perspective, I would have to say that we are “engaging”. At the show we have Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Programming Engineers on site to work with you and your project. Bring a drawing, sketch, or an idea, and leave with answers, a machine design and a proposal. Come to our booth once, or a dozen times during the week, and you will engage with our team to have your project further developed.
For this show we have a lot of new technology to demonstrate. We have Project AMO, New Feeding systems, including robotics and our TG-12×8 grinding 12 automotive parts at a time. Our GenerationX3 will be grinding Endodontic files. For those whom have spent some time in a dentist chair getting a root canals this will make stopping by a must. All of this technology will become live at in the coming weeks.
What is Project AMO? It is a development that Royal Master Grinders has engineered to take machine technology to an entire new level. Royal Master with our engineering team has always been at the forefront of this technology since we introduced lights out manufacturing in 2006. Now we have taken Smart Machine technology to a completely new level which has not been seen to date. We will be sending out more details on this as IMTS gets closer. It will be worth the wait!
Outside of IMTS, Royal Master is extremely busy and our backlog extends well into the fourth quarter of the year. We have been strong in all areas of our customer base, Medical, Automotive as ...

19 days Until We Ship!

Looking at the website there is a countdown to when the show starts, T-31 days and 19 hours. The real date for us to put everything on a truck is 16 days. Saturday August 25th is when our truck shows up here and everything is on it ready or not. It is a date that we plan for look forward to in anticipation for months, but you blink and it is here. To see more of the machines that we are bringing see
Our preparations have been going well and we have two of the 6 machines almost finished. They should be done Friday. Two more next Friday and the last two the day prior to shipment. With something new on each machine it is a challenge to say the least. Our engineers have all been working overtime to get a lot of neat new features for you. Here is a quick run-down:
o “The Jobber” New Servo cycle control with New automatic grinding wheel dresser
o Thrufeed Microsize Machine: New Operator Control, with a pulse generator
o BEDROCK Series of Centerless Grinder with volumetric stock removal capability and New CNC Regulating wheel Dressing
o Hi-Accuracy system grinding transmission valves. Robotically unloading, cleaning, gauging and palletizing
o Generation X Guidewire grinding machine with New Laser Gauging System
One of the really cool things that we do in our booth is actually grind parts, get our hands wet with coolant and enjoy ourselves. Many people look at tradeshows as work, tedious experiences, boring, monotonous, “another part of their job” or an interruption to reading the USA Today while they sit at a conference room table. Not in our booth! We promise you the following:
A fully engaged Royal Master Grinders Employee who is knowledgeable in the products and is prepared to answer all of your questions on site. You will never leave our booth feeling like you needed more of an answer, or wondering if you will ever hear from us again.
This is your IMTS Team that will be available at Show Site:
John Memmelaar Sr President
John Memmelaar Jr Vice President
Rodney Allen Vice President Sales and Marketing
Bob Hoffman Customer Applications Engineer
Rich Fletcher Customer Applications Engineer
Todd M. Chief Engineer
Arnold B. ...