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Royal Master Grinders has been manufacturing centerless grinders since 1950, and since that time we have shipped over 3500 machines globally. With 35% of our business being exported, we have the opportunity to see many different Global applications.

Our centerless grinders are based on our TG-12x4 platform. This platform over the years has evolved into many different shapes and sizes, but our focus remains the same, we grind diameters between the sizes of .001" to 1.5" diameter. Every year, we manufacture machines that are from basic thrufeed applications like ceramics, and carbide through highly demanding and complex applications like removing in an infeed grind .090" in 22 seconds while holding less than a micron tolerance. All of our machines are available with automatic loading solutions.

The TG-12x4 is originally manufactured with tough metalworking applications in mind. Its 6 bearing main spindle and twin grip regulating wheel housing make for a rigid design capable of grinding a under a micron tolerance for many years. All of our machines come standard with permanently mounted regulating wheel dressers and a servo driven regulating wheel. The TG-12x4 is well known for its 5 minute grinding wheel changeovers and over 300 available grinding wheels.


TG-12×4 Infeed / Thrufeed Servo Cycle

Programmable Infeed / Thrufeed Grinding Ideal for a Job Shop Environment

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TG-12×4 Basic Thrufeed

Micron Accuracy for Thrufeed Grinding

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TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy CNC

Highly Accurate and Efficient Systems for the Most Demanding Applications

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