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What's coming up for IMTS 2012

If you goto it shows that there is 115 days until IMTS arrives. For most people when July or August rolls around you start to make reservations or plan your visit. At Royal Master we have begun in earnest to start building equipment for the show, and engineering a lot of new and cool stuff. We are planning on 7 machines, each having something new on it. We are bringing our Bedrock System, Gen X, a couple of TG-12×4’s and a Robotic System.
We will also be bringing two new engineers to the show. Jesse and Brian started with us about 9 months ago and are experiencing their first IMTS. When we explain the magnitude of the show to them, they gloss over. Jesse is a recent graduate from NJIT and Brian comes from a different industry. They have experienced and MDM West with us in February. MDM is half of everything that IMTS is, but IMTS is just a totally different beast. We are curious to see their reaction after they walk around.
If you followed our blog since it came about 2 years ago I talk about a lot of different topics. Some of them are grinding related, others are not even close. Regardless I appreciate everyone who visits it and calls me to have a laugh or a “yea I hate that too” conversation. Believe it or not I have had a number of calls about the coffee incident.
Stop back often this summer and fall for updates about RMG and updates for the show.