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After 65 Years, our Core Values Stay the same

It has been a while since our last blog entry. In 2015 we have seen our TG-12×8 take a huge step forward as we have been shipping these machines regularly and we have supplied these machines to the medical, ceramic, carbide, automotive, aerospace, as well to two gauge pin companies. The gauge pin companies are finding this machine to be extremely accurate with its twin grip spindles We achieved under .000010” in roundness and are regularly holding .000015” roundness.
We are looking forward to MDM West in Anaheim California this year as we always look forward to introducing newer technology at this event. This year we are extremely excited as we have two unique projects that we are bringing to the show. If your coming, please stop by and visit. If you are not able to visit in January we will discuss on what we have and what makes it so special.
We have made some additions to the Royal Master family as we have added Kristin who is the ultimate in administrative assistants. You will be meeting her when you call or visit. I guarantee she is as friendly as Lori was all of these years! After all after 65 years in business we still and always have a friendly voice answering the phones. For those who are counting, Lori is on year 30 with us and still counting, she is now in purchasing helping out there now.
We have also added Stacy who is in customer service with Alan. Alan is happy to have the help and Stacy is doing a great job as she was familiar to Royal Master before she came on board full time. Stacy has hit the ground running and Alan and Stacy have made a seamless pair when helping out our customers.
Also another Generation of Allen’s has moved into the lab as Rodney’s son is now a service man. He is enjoying the travel as Rodney and the family travelled extensively as he and his siblings were growing up.
As Sr and I think about the direction of 2016 and beyond at Royal Master we are extremely satisfied with company we have built, and enthused for what we have around the corner. However there are certain core principles that we will not alter,
• a friendly voice on the other side of the phone in all aspects of our business.
• customer service as you would want to be treated in any form of your life. Feel free to call with a question anytime. We are happy to talk to you. No question is too small
• Our employees look at Royal Master as something besides a “ just a job.” We have built a group of employees whom are dedicated to what they do here and strive to do the best job to maintain the Royal Master name.
• We will offer centerless grinding systems that have advanced technology not only between the wheels, and automation but in the control platforms.
With IMTS approaching we have no settled on 7 machines going to the show in September. Last year we introduced the TG-12×8 machine and this year we have another introduction in store. As the time gets closer we will be letting more out on what this is! We are enthused about it and our customers will be also!
We hope everyone has a great holiday season and we wish everyone the best in 2016