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Three days until we ship a lot of machines to IMTS 2018

There is 4 days to go until we do the packing of the truck. For those who are new to following my blog, it is a day that is filled with a lot of satisfaction. All of us at Royal Master have worked for 9 months to get to this day. We welcome the truck into the lot and when it leaves, we exhale. Rich and I split the show up into three sections, the 9 months of prep, “the show” and then the “after show”. The actual show is enjoyable for me, and it is the least amount of stress. I love talking to the people that come into the booth discussing the different projects that we are presenting, and past projects that are applicable to their particular application.

We are fortunate that our team at Royal Master is fully invested into he success of our company at the show. There are a lot of late hours, and people asked to do jobs that they normally don’t do, but the results speak for themselves. We are happy to share the results with our employees as they were a large part of the success of the show for us.

We are introducing our GX3 machine at the show. Its dual grinding wheel set-up allows for applications such as endodontic files be ground in 1/3 the cycle time of conventional systems. Its primary grinding wheel creates the initial part of the file, and then the secondary wheel creates the flutes in the part. Its pretty cool! The machine cones with a completely new look enclosure which makes the system look sleek and modern.

Our New Hi-Acc machine has a new operator interface. The 24” touchscreen interacts in a new way with the operator where as multiple screens can be open at one time making navigation easier. There is total customization for each operators preferences. Just like a memory seat in a car but for machine tools.

Of course will have a robotically loaded machine, Fanuc and Keyence are strategic partners on this project . We will also have a TG-12×8 thrufeed machine grinding 8000 parts per hour feedrate. You must stop by to see how we are doing this! In addition to all of this we have a lot of variety in equipment. Simple Thrufeed machines to highly automated systems. Our machines are not one size fits all propositions.

what happens when you bring your kids to see what your doing at work, sorry Fanuc your Robot has been Renamed…….


I over the next couple of weeks I will try to blog more, but the night that we goto Chicago Q restaurant, that’s the night we just eat until we are so stuffed we cannot move anymore. For those who have not heard of it they have the BEST brisket I have ever eaten. We have 10 people goto dinner that night and they just bring the entire thing table side and by the end of the meal we are just stuffed. I’ll take photos for everyone of that night’s meal.


I have some random photos below of the last week of chaos. We received the enclosure last Friday night about 9:00. My wife and daughters brought me a pint of ice-cream and let me sit down and they unpacked everything for me. It was a welcome break….. The other photo is of a meal that I had in China a couple of weeks ago. It was at a customer where they are located many hours from a main city. Every time I go there their hospitality and the food that they serve me is second to none. We sat and ate and although the food is categorized to me as Pork, beef or chicken, it has amazing flavors and is well prepared. On the opposite side of the spectrum due to a flight mix-up I arrived in my next Chinese city too late for anything to me open, and I enjoyed the equivalent of a bad gas station pizza.