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The Top 5 Questions Asked at IMTS

IMTS is over 2 months in our rear view mirror and it was one of the most satisfying experiences that Royal Master has ever had at that show. We experienced record attendance both at the show and a record number of qualified leads at our booth. With a spectacular amount of interest in our new TG-12×8 machine we have had two machines full time running experimental test grinds, and 4 machines sold since the show.
One of those test grinds is grinding 3” diameter steel bars, 12” long. We recently demonstrated it for the prospective client and they had very favorable things to say about then machine’s performance. Holding .0001” over the length of the bar while removing .003” the machine was not overmatched at all. Stay tuned for more on this application as time moves forward.
At the show we were grinding titanium on our Thrufeed microsize machine. When we came home, we have been inundated with applications that mirror this type of application as well as grinding Carbides, Ceramics as well as PCD inserts. The end user of the show machine has since taken delivery since and is reporting great grinding results.
Royal Master Grinders is also redefining something as simple as an instructional manual for the TG-12×8 machine. The machine is available with a “ manual on tablet “. Not a stone tablet, but a Microsoft tablet PC. Having all the machine’s solid models, electrical schematics as well as video manuals at a touch of a fingertip is valuable, and handy to have in this electronic version. We are proud to claim that we are the first machine tool company to provide such an opportunity for our customers.
At IMTS 2014 visitors to our booth asked a lot of great questions and for those whom could not visit us, please see our site for a full tour of the booth, but to summarize, here are the top 5 questions that were asked:
1. “What did Royal Master Grinders bring that’s new this year?”
2. “Can you automate this part I want to grind ?”
3. “My Cincinnati’s are old and worn out, what do you have to replace them?”
4. “Can you hold “ this tolerance”?”
5. “How small, ( and big ) can you grind on your machines?”
6. And one for the bonus, “do your feet hurt after standing this plastic floor all day?”
Answer #1:
Royal Master Grinders brought more new equipment this year, and more new products than any other IMTS in our history.
New Product: TG-12×8 Centerless Grinder Systems. This is the first completely new domestic centerless grinder design since the Cincinnati Viking redefined the grinding industry in the 1990’s . With its 12” diameter and 8” wide grinding wheel, 8” diameter and 8” wide regulating wheel it offers opportunities that other competing systems cannot. All machines come standard with a Granite machine bed. The rigidity comes from the wheel spindle designs, the 50mm diameter twin grip regulating wheel spindle, the grinding wheel system with class 7 ABEC angular contact ball bearings and an outboard bearing is a robust system design to build around. The TG-12×8 is available in standard Thrufeed, and Thrufeed Microsize configurations. For tighter tolerance applications Hi-Accuracy, with or without CNC dressing is available. With these rigid foundations, grinding 3” diameter applications is not a dream or a “stretch” for this machine. We can do it, have done it, and will continue to do it for many years to come.
We are very proud of the “clean look” of this system. Our engineers took a lot of time designing a system without any “add on’s”. Using our Mazak Nexus 6800 machining center, Mastercam, and a lot of ingenuity we were able to design and manufacture a system without hanging stuff on the machine. Look at the system and compare it to the other systems domestic or imported, and we are proud to say that our machine looks pretty darn good!
Cincinnati #2 machines made a living doing “Cam Out” applications for many years. With 8” regulating wheel, Cam –out of titanium fasteners is a reality, making fasteners every rotation of the regulating wheel makes for a rapid, simple and “frills free” system. It is also a VERY cost effective route to take. With a Basic TG-12×8 TF machine, we can couple to your existing feeding system, and save 50% of your floor space. Using Superabrasive grinding wheel technology our system is compact, rigid, efficient, and cost saving.
New Look for the BEDROCK : We introduced our new ergonomic enclosure to our Centerless grinder line. Shown on our TG-12×4 BEDROCK system this enclosure streamlines the look and provides a good tight enclosure for oils and coolants that misting tendencies. At the show we had a robot loading and unloading the system. At the unload we would clean, dry, gauge and palletize. This enclosure is a first for Royal Master as we abandoned extruded aluminum systems for more cleaner “ European Styling”
Coming in the next couple of weeks I will dig into Numbers 2-6 on the tope 5 questions that were asked at the show.