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T-21 Hours Until We Load

Many of you have called and talked with or e-mailed Alan Schell who is our main customer service representative here at Royal Master.  We call him “world wide”  mainly because he interacts with many different companies around the world effortlessly. Alan’s lineage at Royal Master began over 20 years ago as our Crib manager, from there into purchasing, then to customer service. He always approached his job with a smile and enthusiasm.
Alan and I go way back to when I was in high school and college working for him in shipping and receiving. Him and Mr. Mc Cracken were a good team and still today we often tell stories about Mr. Mc Cracken’s booming voice and crushing handshake. When Alan came out to ask a question this morning about a shipment going to Japan, he was quick to point out that we should put a little more shrink wrap around this machine before it loaded onto the flatbed tomorrow.
The answer to his suggestion is shown below.

T- 21 hours to we load.