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Its Just who we are…..

I write this as I’m sitting in an airport hotel just having spent a week visiting customers. This was one week that was truly enjoyable to travel. Weather was great, had a couple of great meals at unexpected restaurants at my destinations, and met some really nice customers. I write this blog as a way for customers to get to know us as a company, our personalities and our people. Half of the customers I visited this week made mention of my blog and different stories from it. It was extremely satisfying from my standpoint. After all we are a company made of people, 50 of us. We are 50 distinct personalities, but the thing I am most proud of the company that my Father, Rodney and Myself own is all of these people work hard everyday to build centerless grinding machines. Each one of them not only works for a paycheck, that’s a given, but they believe in the product that we build. If you have ever been to our factory, each and everyone of them is happy to talk with you, show you their little niche, and share their interests out of the factory walls. Its just who we are. This blog is a way to reflect this and I hope it comes through that way.
Just over a year ago Todd our chief engineer was riding his bike lunchtime as he did everyday, and was struck by a car. He was airlifted to the nearest trauma center. After a number of months of critical care, he returned to work fulltime two months ago. To celebrate the one year anniversary we arranged a surprise bike ride for him to mirror a portion of that fateful day’s route. With a local police escort 20 employees and his wife and daughter joined us for a ride with Todd leading the way.