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IMTS 2014 is Coming and Royal Master to Have a Major Announcement

It has been a while since my last blog posting and we have been busy, we have had a number of innovative projects for customers go through our engineering department as well some really cool projects in the pipeline. One of these projects is featured on our Web site is a robotic loading system which loaded, unloaded, cleaned, gauged and palletized a fluid injector nozzle.
IMTS 2014 is approaching and we have been working diligently on a lot of projects for the show, but a couple in particular will be major, and redefine the centerless grinding landscape. We will be making the announcement August 1, 2014 of what this project is and what it means for the world of centerless grinding. Stay tuned
Many of you may remember Brianne, our marketing intern for a few years. She now goes to Rutgers University and is applying for student teaching positions for the fall semester. It was rewarding watching her grow, and learn, now she is almost done with her college education. We have taken on a new Intern, the son of Bob Hoffman, our southeast sales engineer. As I did with Brianne, she wrote a blog entry when she started, and also at the end of her experience with us. Steven has done the same.
Meet Steven Hoffman:
My experience at Penn State these past two years has prepared me for the work I am doing at Royal Master in many ways. Penn State professors love to emphasize that they are not just providing us with business skills and knowledge, but they are building future business leaders. Now that I have the opportunity to use some of these skill sets, I am really starting to see what the professors mean by that. As a marketing student going into my junior year I have yet to take many of the in-depth business courses Penn State offers. However the introductory classes I have taken have really prepared me for the work I am facing.
For example my Marketing 301 class gave me a lot of valuable information on real world marketing. Much of the course material was similar to what I learned in an Advanced Marketing class in high school. The biggest difference for me was that in Marketing 301 my professor would lecture on real world situations and simultaneously incorporate the information the textbook provided. This was really helpful and showed me how this information I have been learning is applied to real business situations. Now that I am a part of the business world I can to apply that information to situations in my own work.
Another class that really benefitted me was English 202D, a business writing class. Although it was tedious and a bit overwhelming with the amount of written assignments we were given, the class prepared me to communicate effectively and professionally in the business world. This class focused a lot on how to properly write business letters and e-mails, which has already been extremely helpful to me. Additionally my professor focused intently on grammar. She would critique our work in such depth that it seemed ridiculous at times. However that intensity is certainly what improved my writing in the long run. It gave me the confidence and ability to write with purpose and effectiveness.
Lastly my Finance and Accounting classes gave me the ability to understand and utilize Excel spread sheets, charts and budgets. While these courses were not exactly my favorite, they were critical to my education and goal of someday becoming a leader in the business world. As a marketing major that side of business is somewhat dry and confusing to me, but I can already see how those courses will be useful in the future.
Penn State University has certainly prepared me for working at Royal Master and given me the basics of what I need to know to make a career out of marketing. It is exciting for me to be able to apply the knowledge that I have obtained to real world situations here at Royal Master Grinders. Additionally everything I do here is a learning experience that I can take back to Penn State with me and anywhere I go in the future.
-Steven Hoffman
Marketing Intern Summer 2014