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Have a Happy New Year

The year is winding down and a lot has taken place this year and we are looking forward to next year. This past year we participated in CIMT in China, EMO in Germany for exhibitions, shipped over 70 machines, and had a healthy group of employees. This is all you could ask for.
Both Shows were successful and we earned business from both. We found that EMO drew a large eastern European audience as well as a large Russian audience. EMO was a good show from a lot of reasons, our world wide competition exhibited and we found that we stacked up well with all of them. The accuracy that our machines can achieve, combined with our smaller footprint was well received. When comparing to our larger machine competition, we equaled their quoted accuracy in less than half of the footprint. We also learned that we are very adaptable to customer requests for special engineering. In one case a potential customer arrived at the booth and we discussed his intentions, and the next day I presented a on-line meeting via my IPAD to review their custom operator assist device. We logged into our server, met with our engineers whom designed their feeder overnight. I received the purchase order for the equipment the next week.
For 2014 we have MDM West and IMTS coming up again. Both are large shows for us and we like to have good presence at each. In both cases we will be introducing new technology to our existing and future customers. We are looking forward to IMTS the most as we will have some really cool technology to display and show off. As the time gets closer we will be letting everyone know more, but I can assure you it is a pretty big deal what we are working on.
Back in October a childhood friend of mine Chris Paulsen who is a professor of automotive restoration at McPherson College in Kansas was invited to participate in an interesting challenge. He was asked to race a Tesla Model S from Detroit, MI to Long Island, a 1915 Model T Ford. As a pre’15 car enthusiast he could not say no. A very prominent Car magazine sponsored the event and if you would like to follow a thread on a car blog from a few days after the event, click on the link below
Scroll down to October 17th at 12:32 for the results.
I was recently invited to visit the Dunwoody college of Technology in Minneapolis Minnesota. Our host was very gracious in giving us a tour of all that they have to offer. Their Robotics and manufacturing technology program was very impressive and gives hope that there is young people interested in manufacturing. If you would like more details about their programs or how to hire their graduates visit
Please have a happy and healthy new year and I’ll let you know what we have in store for the new year soon.