The Generation 5.8 is the Fifth Generation of the popular wire grinding series manufactured by Royal Master. Introduced in 2000, we have manufactured over 175 units and counting. Shipped worldwide to these “workhorses of the industry” have gotten rave reviews since the first one was introduced into production.

Based on the TG-12x4 platform, we have made some significant upgrades over the last few years including upgrading of the ram positioning system to a closed loop system. Using a servo motor to position the ram with a .1 micron glass scale ram positioning is down to .000010” (.025mm). Also upgraded is the regulating wheel drive system. With a direct coupled servo drive, we are able to keep tolerances to well under .0001” in production.

This machine gained it stellar reputation by being a low maintenance robust system for grinding wires. Its high volume productivity, ease of set-up and low operating cost makes it an ideal choice for high volume guidewire production today.

The grinding systems principle is pretty straightforward. We track the end of the precut wire with a sensing system. This patented sliding sensing system houses pixel technology where the back end of the wire is tracked every .0025” (.0635mm). This translates to linear tolerances on wires to +/-.040” in production grinding environments. Essentially it acts like an optical encoder that moves the ram bed with a corresponding pixel on the eyebar.

The Generation 5 series of grinders have 12” diameter grinding wheels, and 6” diameter Regulating wheels; giving longer life between dressing, faster grinding rates and producing quality wires.

he Generation 5 Series of machine’s accuracy comes from a machine that was designed around the automotive and aerospace industries where accuracy and durability are primary objectives. The longevity of the Royal Master systems is world renowned as many of our first systems are still grinding production wires. The Generation 5 series is a results orientated guidewire grinder. They STILL just sit there and make wires, day after day.

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