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Royal Master Grinders has developed a system to not only complete the burr free grinding of needles, but loading, unloading, and secondary processes with a unique approach to a process that hasn’t evolved much in 30 years.

The Royal Master system allows a completely hands-free approach to a previously labor intensive process. The days of taping, and manually placing the needles in a fixture are gone. Secondary process of Grit blasting, adding rounded ends or spheres are all done without ever having an operator touch a part. Inspection is also part of the process with the Royal Master system. The robot arm can deliver the secondary process end effector to the optical inspection station.

What makes this process possible is our robot end effector that can rotate all the needles simultaneously during the grind cycle. The 20 position end effector has 360 degree motion. The FANUC robot positions the parts and oscillates the parts for its burr free grind. Using a grinding wheel composition that is specifically used for grinding parts of this type it produces parts with burr free surfaces and a finish that surpasses Electro Chemical grinding processes.


The Royal Master Needle grinding system is a revolutionary approach to a labor intensive process. Using Robotics to mimic not only the grinding process, but the post processing hand motions of operators, we have made the grinding of needles highly efficient, all while removing the need for operators handling the parts.

The system is designed on a cast composite machine base and bed with a 16" wide grinding wheel. With the machine’s 16" wide grinding wheel, we can oscillate the 20 parts using the robot’s motion.

Using the Robot to oscillate the parts and rotate the needles into position, we grind the parts, rotate, as well as change the angle ground into the part. It is all housed in a sleek and ergonomic enclosure that’s CE rated as well as interlocked for robotic safety.

With the unique nature of our end effector design, it allows us to integrate different pre and post grinding processes. For example:

  • Integrate your ECG cut-off machine to supply cut to length blanks
  • Optical inspection
  • Grit blasting using a Comco system
  • Rounded or spherical Ends
  • Secondary Robot options with quick change systems for secondary processing
  • Delivery to finished part collection

Specifications and
standard features

Machine Capacity:.020" - .093" (.508mm to 2.36mm) Diameter Needles Minimum Length .500" (12.7mm), No Maximum
Needle Styles:
  • Back Bevel
  • Bias Grind
  • Diamond Point
  • Menghini
  • Razor Edge
  • Stylet
  • Tri Facet Lancet
  • Trocar
Robot Model:Fanuc LR Mate 200iD Repeatability +/- .00078” (+/- .02mm) 6 Axis IP67 Rated Max Load: 7 KG Max Reach: 717 mm
Angle of Robot:10 Degrees to 90 Degrees
Grinding Wheel: 12" diameter x 16" wide (304mm x 400mm)
Spindle Power5hp Servo Driven Spindle Consistent SF?M
Weight:3500 lbs
DressersAir Sensing, Permanently Mounted, stepping motor traversed with touch screen controls. (Programmable Dressing)


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