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Wire Grinding


This machine feeding system is capable of taking a spool of raw material up to 30 lbs in weight, down to .010" diameter and feeding it to another spool, all while rotating at 2000 rpm, and level winding for a uniform wrap. The centerless grinder pictured in the center of the unit is manufactured by Royal Master and coupled with this system can grind continuous profiles into a product or simply Thrufeed grind your material to a consistent diameter.

  • Grind Continuous Medical Guidewires for inventory reduction and Work in Process Reduction
  • Thrufeed Grind NiTi to a consistent diameter removing the oxide at a rate of 1" / Second ( 25mm/sec )
  • Grind your Braded Catheter Tubing
  • Add Polymer Coating processes after grinding in-line
  • Thrufeed Grind your tungsten wire to a specific wire diameter for future processing.

After exiting the centerless grinder, a laser gauge will read the diameter and if necessary feed back to the machine a size compensation to the diameter of the product. It will also calculate all the necessary SPC data.

The system is available as a stand alone for your own propriety integration of a process or Royal Master can integrate the centerless grinder process for you.

The system is robust in its design and can accommodate spools in size up to 14" diameter and 4" wide. The quick change design of the spools makes for a seamless change from one product to another. The payout and take up spools use a heidenhein encoder to track the length output of the wire and displays the dispensed material on the screen. The system can be programmed to stop grinding after a pre-programmed amount of material has been ground. The exit spool can be changed out and grinding can resume at the same or different diameter.

The spool system comes enclosed in a protective interlocked cage for safety, and all programming is done through an intuitive touch-screen with easy to use inputs.

The Spool to Spool Feeding System can be set up to rotate as it pays out and collects spooled wire. Applications will benefit by the uniqueness of the system with its ability to rotate in synchronization to allow for a process to be performed on a round material.

The process between the spools can be a grinding process. The size of the wire is limited in its flexibility for the upper range and its tensile strength in its lower size range. Lower diameter range is 0.004".

In the video we are demonstrating the grinding of a two taper form in continuous mode with in process gauging and display of diameters and lengths.

Materials such as Nitinol, SLT Stainless steel, catheters, guitar strings, nylon or plastics are ideally suited.