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Screw Machine Parts

CNC Swiss Screw machining is an extremely high volume method of manufacturing screw machine parts, especially for the medical device industry. Royal Master has extensive experience working with medical grade stainless steel, titanium, plastics, and other specialty materials. Swiss screw machining manufactures many small and complex shaped parts, many which do not require post processing, however there are many that require the most delicate processing after turning. They require centerless grinding. Royal Master has worked for years in the secondary operations side of a Swiss Screw machine process. We also have set up many of our grinders for thrufeed grinding bars before Swiss Screw machine operation. Royal Master has worked with many applications to centerless grind applications down to .001" in diameter and up to 1.5" in Diameter.

For Micromachining of your applications, our Generation X is an ideal machine. Using its 12" diameter grinding wheel, many complex shapes can be ground into the part, while holding the tightest of tolerances. With the addition of our 4th axis threading as well as helical parts can be manufactured.