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Wire Grinding

Royal Master Grinders got its start in the medical device industry in a very unique way. Back in the 1960's cat gut sutures were ground on our machines. Many thousands of patients were stitched up with suture ground on a Royal Master.

Known for grinding small diameters we began grinding single taper wires on our TG Series of machines. These single taper wires were done by thrufeeding the wire in tapered wheels, then quickly pulling it out creating a taper. Things have progressed rapidly since that time. Making the first multiple taper CNC wire machines in 1985, these machines were quickly adopted as the industry standard. Our first and second generation machines sold hundreds of units and are still being used today almost 30 years later.

We progressed up to 5 Generations of the machine and then introduced our Generation X which has also become widely popular in grinding wires as well as micromachining different products. Shipping over 70 units worldwide, many are running completely unattended grinding wires in 22 seconds part to part, 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

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    The Generation X grinds guidewires, up to 1.5" per second, including PTCA types. Multiple tapers, and no limits in length of grinds. There are two modes, centerless mode and bushing mode. In bushing mode, micro-machined wires are ground to intricate shapes including balls, threads and flats. Bushing mode length accuracies are .001" (.025mm) There is no limitation of material, Grind Stainless Steels, NiTi and SLT products.

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  • TG-12x4 Thrufeed image

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    The TG-12x4 machine is a fixture in hundreds of medical device companies throughout the world. Making single taper wires, in 5 seconds part to part, this is a very quick, simple method of making single taper wires. With either an operator or automatic feeder, a wire is introduced to the wheels, ground, and then removed when the back end of the wire crosses a pre-described point. Both the grinding and regulating wheels have a taper dressed into them to create the taper in the wheels. Multiple taper wires can be made from additional set-ups.

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    The TG-12x4 machine with an automatic cycling unit uses the same philosophy as the TG-12x4 thrufeed. Both the grinding and regulating wheels have a taper dressed into them to create the taper in the wheels. The machine can be set-up for the operator to press the retract button to disengage the regulating wheel to stop the grinding. As an additional option, equip the machine with a distal or proximal sensor, and the automatic cycling unit will automatically retract, creating very accurate length tapers for a small additional investment. Multiple tapers can also be produced using additional operations.

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    The Generation 2 Lite is a middle of the road CNC type guidewire grinding machine. Capable of grinding up to 5 taper wires in a CNC type operation. The proximal end of the wire crosses Keyence Fiberoptic eyes, resulting in the frameless servo motor to retract the regulating wheel at a pre-described rate. This results in a taper in the wire. For NiTi, long tapers are compensated by varying the regulating wheel speed making very linear tapers. This system can be retrofitted to your existing platforms of automatic cycling unit machines or thrufeed machines for a minimal investment. This machine is very popular for grinding wires that have a short unground section. For example we grind a 4" ( 100mm ) long taper with a 1.5" ( 38mm ) unground section in 5.3 seconds part to part.

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    The Generation 2K uses similar principles to the CNC Lite machine whereas the proximal end of the wire crosses Keyence Fiberoptic eyes, resulting in the frameless servo motor to retract the regulating wheel at a pre-described rate. This results in a taper in the wire. The largest upgrade to this system the Hi-Accuracy Package that comes with the system. This is a ram bed that rides on Antifriction cross rollersways, and the ram bed’s movements are verified by a .1 micron glass scale. This results in a +/-.5micron tolerances on the diameter of your wires. Another byproduct of Hi-Accuracy package is a 15" touchscreen operator interface. All automatic loading options are available for this system.

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    Gen 5.75, the workhorse of the industry. Selling over a hundred units since its introduction 10 years ago, this machine has ground tens of millions of wires. Using a sensing system in an encoder like fashion, it holds linear tolerances to +/-.020" ( +/-.5mm) based on our conventional centerless platform, its 12" diameter grinding wheel and up to 3" wide makes grinding non-Cardio Vascular wires a breeze, and the grinding of NiTi even easier. Add an automatic loading system and this unit will grind all your linear and non-linear tapered wires.

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  • Spool-to-Spool System image

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    The machine's concept is based around the idea that saving the amount of time that your product has to be handled by operators, will save money. With over 30 months of design time invested into the S2S system, it can not only grind material on a Thrufeed basis but also grind continuous guidewires. The system can grind up to 1" per second making the cycle time just as quick as conventional methods of grinding wires, but with less handling. In some instances, the cost per wire can go down 30%.

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Robotic loading a Guidewire on a Royal Master Centerless Grinder

Robotically loading a .025" wire into a centerless grinder, while grinding post processes such as gauging can be accomplished. Load two grinders at the same time also!