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The Royal Master Wire Profile Laser Measurement Gauge has been re-engineered.

The New Gauge System features Advanced Hardware including:

  • Granite Table for Thermal Stability, Rigidity and Flatness of Mounting Platform
  • The structural steel frame is mounted on casters making the gauge transportable without requiring recalibration
  • The current system uses the Laser Linc brand Laser Micrometer Head
  • The linear data points are collected with a Parker High Speed 0.1 micron Linear Servo Motor Table and Gemini Servo Motor Drive for high accuracy length measurements
  • Dual Touch Screen Monitors
  • State of the art i7 powered industrial PC with additional dedicated graphics card
  • C# programming backbone for modern, user friendly operation
  • One sample every .0001 inch when pulling at 0.125 inches per second
  • One sample every .001 inch when pulling at 1.125 inches per second
  • Multiple layers of Password Protected Screens
  • Opening and Closing of Lots
  • Set hours until Calibration with advance warning and Lock Out
  • Linear Motor Utilities for Length Calibration
  • Standard Query Language (SQL) database
  • Custom password protection
  • Add an operator

New Gauge System Has Many User Friendly Features:

  • Touch optimized software with large, easy touch graphics and virtual pop-up keyboard for data entry
  • One click diameter
  • Two click pitch
  • Two click diameter difference
  • Two click Save and Print
  • Two click print Graph
  • Length and Diameter Zooming
  • One click gauged wire save
  • Simple drag and release zooming to next operator
  • Print / Save feature after analyze but add Print only button
  • Automatically display .pdf wire print of active profile on second monitor
  • Profile part drawing linked to display with gauging
  • Simple .pdf creation
  • Easily viewed gaged wires
  • One touch tolerance, control and split wire buttons
  • Remotely view gauged wires
  • Bar Code Reading from operator ID badge or shop floor paperwork to speed transition

New Gauge System Has Enhanced Analysis Features:

  • Automatic Wire Analysis. No need for operator to pick intersections or "find" gauge points
  • Save analysis without printing
  • Pass / Fail in Measurement Summary File
  • Choose analysis option for each recipe:
    • Absolute or incremental lengths
    • No arrows, algorithm A, B or C
    • Whole wire envelope
    • Flats envelope
    • Flats average diameter
    • Enable/disable control limits
    • Print offset values in color
    • On screen offset values in color
  • Moveable Datum Point feature
  • Adjustment Limit Feature (yellow tolerance lines)
  • Pass, Pass Adjust and Fail Indication for operators using algorithms
  • Measurement Summary report with export to .csv capability. Final result is compatible with Excel or Minitab
  • Integrated SPC – Process Capability, X-Bar, and Range Charts
  • Show gauge points and flats in on-screen graph
  • Ability to Zoom on Graph while analysis results are shown
  • Simple access to Report of Analysis. Results organized by user chosen variables
  • Analysis Reports include:
    • Customizable reports
    • Custom report with analysis
    • Report by profile
    • Report by date
    • Report by profile, job and lot
    • Report by job and lot
    • Report by profile and date
    • Gauge Point Analysis populating a separate spreadsheet

New Gauge System Has Many Advanced Recipe Creating Features:

  • Simplified Recipe Writing system or Wire Profile Creation using point to point data entry
  • Enhanced multiple settable linear velocities for more data-points in critical areas
  • Upload recipe and database files to any "disc like" storage device, i.e. USB Stick
  • Recipe selected as Approved to Gauge (previous version of Recipe can be selected as Not Approved to Gauge)
  • Direct enter of fields in writing recipe versus scrolling. Do not need it in offsets
  • Increase limits of maximum Paddle Length amount
  • Increase limits of maximum Paddle Length tolerance
  • Linking of your Profile to your Lots
  • Multiple Gauge Point Setting
  • Type in recipe values or up/down scroll
  • Save to Excell
  • Save to Database

This Wire Profile Measurement Gauge can be networked to your office computer to retrieve and evaluate database information from a remote supervisor computer.


This is the New Royal Master Grinder Laser Gauging system.