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Call us today to schedule your test grind on our Guidewire or Endodontic file. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the system.

We are grinding a Fluid Control Needle Valve to close tolerance at high volumes. This part is used in an adhesive dispensing system as part of an automated packaging assembly process.

Here's a quick summary of the features and benefits available with the new Hi-Acc.

  • High Accuracy Ram Bed position control with Servo Motor Driven Ball Screw.
  • Frictionless Cross Rollerways with Glass Scale Linear Encoder. The resolution of this scale and motor is 1/10 micron.
  • The Granite also provides a mounting surface for the CNC Work Wheel Dresser behind the Main Spindle. With this Dresser, we have both a Rotary Disc and a Single Point Diamond traveling over two axes of Schneeberger linear rails and linear motor with 1/8 micron resolution.
  • The Rotary Disc Dresser is running on a Hydro Dynamic Spindle.
  • The CNC Work Wheel Dresser has absolute position encoders for both x and z axis.
  • The CNC Regulating Wheel Dresser eliminates the need for any dressing template.
  • Automatic Work Rest Holder Advancement and Positioning to maintain Work Rest Blade position after dressing.
  • Full Bed Swivel Adjustment for taper elimination.
  • Regulating Wheel Servo Drive System for smooth speed control.
  • Lateral Adjustment to Regulating Wheel Housing for faster changeovers.
  • Dynamic Wheel Balancing.
  • Speed Control of the Grinding wheel with Frequency Inverter.
  • Volumetric Stock Removal for controlling the infeed rate and reducing cycle times.
  • Acoustic Emission Sensor reading the Part Grind and Dressing Tool contact with Grinding Wheel.

Complete Turnkey Features of this machine build include:

  • Robot load and unload from pallet trays for fast reliable positioning. Ideal for changeover with multiple parts to grind.
  • Automated part wash, dry and gauge on commanded interval.
  • Automatic size compensation based on control tolerance set values.
  • Measured part disposition based on analyzed result, pass or fail for taper and for diameter.

The Machine Control is one of the most user-friendly in the industry:

  • New fresh look to Operating Screens.
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface with Windows based Control is intuitive and does not require any programming skills.
  • Multiple Language Screen Displays available.
  • The machine controls have simplified connections of accessories such as Feeders and Gauges for both Thrufeed and Infeed grinds.
  • EPL wiring and Endat 2.2 electronic encoders to simplify internal wiring and provide absolute encoders on dresser axis.
  • Internet Connectivity with a utility for the machine to e-mail production statistics at a scheduled frequency.
  • Measurements of part diameter, taper, surface finish, and even lobing are able to be taken, analyzed and reacted to. With the feedback from these gauge systems connected directly to the Royal Master Computer Control, automatic adjustments can be programmed and performed.

This latest version of the Royal Master High Accuracy centerless grinder maintains the compact footprint and user friendly machine controls. We have advanced the electronics to provide a more flexible and more robust platform for machine and accessory controls. The BEDROCK foundation is an accurate and rigid machine.

Engineering Products

Grinding the Next Generation of Guidewires

The Royal Master Generation X3 machine was introduced at MDM West 2013 and sits on the Granite BEDROCK® platform. This 8" thick granite platform is a perfect base for this highly sophisticated grinding system. The Generation X3 is an 8 axis CNC machine to grind the helical profiles in Endodontic files. This machine revolutionized the Dental manufacturing industry by using a pre-grinding wheel to blank the NiTi File. Then, with our additional axis of motion, fluting the Endodontic file. All was done in one work holding; includes pointing the tip, taper, calibration lines, handle flats, back end chamfers, multiple flutes and spiral counts and with accelerated or constant pitch.

This is unique from other systems on the market because we grind from long lengths of raw material, up to 5 meters long, and can run 24 hours unattended.

The Generation X3 machine was recently introduced to an additional application. Fluting other medical devices including Guidewires. The Generation X3 can grind any pitch from -5 to 90 degrees, left or right hand, with a standard or accelerated pitch. Its flexibility is unmatched in the industry.

Other manufacturers are playing catch-up to this concept and have bolt on systems that can grind only one angle at a time, but the GenerationX3 can change this angle even during the grind cycle.

The Generation X3 comes with up to a two meter long linear motor providing seamless action. This is important not to have an interruption of the grind because an interruption to the grind makes it impossible to maintain a consistent pitch. Any inconsistencies created by a continuous re-gripping process with multiple collets will cause wire the to be more susceptible to defects and thus making the post grind process to be unacceptable.

The Generation X3 sits on our Granite machine bed and has such features as a .1 micron diameter resolution on the ram axis, making .000010" diameter changes a reality. Using our antifriction cross roller ways, un-paralleled rigidity and smooth and accurate diameter control is achieved.

Programming of the system is simple, Excel driven with easy to use macro's. Interface this with our Solid Edge CAD/CAM Interface and you have the most powerful CNC grinder of its type on the market.

Call us today to schedule your test grind on our Guidewire or Endodontic file. Watch the video below for a demonstration of the system.