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Endo Files Generation X3

Generation X3

Introducing our Model Gen X3, a new machine in our BEDROCK® line for the manufacturing of Dental Files.

An endodontic file can come in many sizes and shapes each with some very unique features. The Royal Master Helical Grinder called Gen X3 is equipped with the tools to produce these parts in one machine process and in about 2 minutes per part. The process is automatically fed from a spool of nitinol. The finished part is automatically unloaded and deposited into a collection tray. The feature grinds include the pointed tip, taper, calibration lines, handle flats, back end chamfers, multiple flutes and spiral counts and with accelerated or constant pitch.

The Gen X3 sits on our Granite machine bed. There is a duplex grinding wheel set-up each with advantages of full CNC movement or dressing to enable flexibility of the process. The file profile will define the taper angle and the tip diameter. These two features of the file profile set the parameters for the limited tooling to support the material during the grind process. All of the other file profile features are created with the machine CNC interface.

A length of material is cut from a spool. The material is advanced towards the grinding area and its linear position is controlled by a workhead traveling over a linear motor. The collet rotates the part as it is presented in front of the primary wheel for certain feature grinds and then the secondary wheel for other feature grinds. The grind profile is generated with CNC coordinated movements. There are a total of eight CNC axes which coordinate to result in a machine platform capable of such intricate shape grinding in a single process.

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Generation X3 Helical Grinder

This is the Royal Master Grinders Generation X3 helical grinding machine. It can grind threads on parts such as endo files for the Dental industry. With its 4th axis, it can rotate from 0-90 Degrees.

Endo file blank grinding then twisting in a secondary operation

Endo File Blanks

This is the Royal Master Grinders Model TG-12x4 with our Auto Cycle Unit Ram Bed system. We are showing several upgrade features along with a Magazine Style Part Loader designed especially for the Dental Industry for small diameter part handling.

The standard Model TG-12x4 with Auto Cycle Unit is capable of fast set-ups and simplified changeovers, repeatable and fast cycle times and capable of most any part grind. This machine is upgraded to have Air Dressing Units on both the Work Wheel and the Regulating Wheel. The Precision Hydrocheck valve provides more fine control of the grind rate. The Micro Size Adjustment on the final part sizing provides 10 millionths increment on the adjustment dial.

We developed the Blade Style Feed Head to provide sure and consistent position control for part diameters down as small as 0.025". The Feeder Head and Push Blade are matched to a narrow range of part sizes. The feeder rails add the top and end guide to the Magazine Rack and keep the parts in control for an extended unattended operation. Changeover to a different part size is simple and quick with size matched components.

Tooling specific to a certain dental file taper angle or bur shape is interchangeable and consists of wheel dresser templates and an insert blade. The Tooling Sets are taper profile based and are usable for a wide range of tip diameters. A simple tooling selection guide is provided to simplify the set up. Complete changeovers to a different dental file or bur shape take less than 1 hour.

Special Grinding Wheel and Insert Blade material selection make for long lasting set ups with both nitinol and stainless steel file blanks.

While the machine is loading, grinding and unloading parts, the operator has the chance to measure the parts and tend to other inspection details.


Dental File Grinding (NiTi Blanks)

Centerless grinding (NiTi) Dental File Blanks on a TG-12x4.