non-medical centerless grinding

Dental Grinding

What's new? There is always something new when someone from the Dental Industry sends in a part grind request. It's definitely not the same old grind. Whether it is a material challenge, a profile shape challenge or a miniature size automation challenge, we love to meet the challenge.

The Dental Industry device manufacturing proves to be one of the most diverse in terms of the material type, size and shape. The materials range from carbide and ceramics to a variety of stainless steels, specialty steels, exotic metals, titanium and nickel titanium to engineered materials like fiber resin. Size is typically small and the shape is typically intricate.

The Royal Master line of centerless grinders has expanded to meet these challenges. We have traditional centerless grinders of course. We have developed some new variations to our line-up to meet the demands of endodontic file manufacturing, burr manufacturing, fiber-reinforced and resin-based endodontic post manufacturing.

These new machines are engineered with CNC controls and wheel dressing capabilities which deliver flexibility and automation to the production floor. Reduced cycle time, consolidated process operations and un-manned production result in lower manufacturing costs.

Look at our Gen X3 Helical Grinder for the most flexible and capable grinder in the endodontic file manufacturing world. Look at our Gen X grinder for lights out automated endodontic post manufacturing and other intricate micro-machining profile grinding. Look at our traditional TG-12x4 grinders for standard infeed and thrufeed grinding. There are several ram bed position control options to choose from to best suit your applications.

Royal Master Grinders has been building machines for the Dental Industry for over 60 years. We have some new capabilities we would like you to learn about. Send us your challenge.