Bedrock Series


Automation is the key to success for efficiently grinding many applications. In our history we have automated many different applications. Some have been very simple and required only a vibratory bowl or magazine feeder, while others were full robotic systems with part cleaning and gauging. Our engineering staff has automated hundreds of applications and are looking forward to your application.


Robotic loading a Guidewire on a Royal Master Centerless Grinder

Robotically loading a .025" wire into a centerless grinder, while grinding post processes such as gauging can be accomplished. Load two grinders at the same time also!

Hi-Accuracy Robot Machine

This is our Hi-Accuracy Machine with a Robot Unloader. We are grinding a transmission valve at a rate of one part every 8 seconds. At the unloading station we are cleaning, gauging and have the ability to feedback to the machine.

Bedrock Centerless Grinder for IMTS 2012

This is the Royal Master Grinders Bedrock Centerless Grinding system. It has capabilities to grind parts to under 1/2 micron tolerances.

Thrufeed Microsize Centerless Grinder

The Thrufeed Centerless grinder at IMTS 2012.

Hi-Accuracy Hi-Speed Loading Centerless Grinder

This machine is our Royal Master Centerless Grinder Model TG-12x4 with High Accuracy Ram Bed Positioning. The High Speed Cross Transfer Feed System makes this grinding system both repeatable and fast. At Royal Master Grinders, our engineering staff can work with you to automate pretty much any application. Sometimes you get lucky and the part is a good one in terms of its geometry and tolerance. When this is the case, a High Speed Cross Transfer Part Loader can save seconds in cycle time.

( PCD / Carbide Grinding )

Robot machine at the MDM West 2016 Show. 12x8 Servo Cycle machine

Royal Master Thrufeed Microsize Centerless Grinder

Here we are showing our Royal Master Centerless Grinder Model TG-12x4 with Thrufeed Micro-Size feature. To make this machine productive and efficient, we are using an In-Line Vibratory Bowl Feed System and an Exit Side Unload Conveyor. The aluminum Valve Spool is grinding at an efficient thruput rate with limited operator intervention. This will hold true in a heavy one pass grind or even with a tandem light finish pass if closer tolerance is needed.

CNC Lite Machine Ideal for Jobbers

This is the Royal Master Grinders Model TG-12x4 with our Servo Cycle Ram Bed system. Some people like to call it "CNC Lite". In its basic form, this machine is an alternative upgrade to the four handle sizing dial for thrufeed grinding or the Automatic Cycling Unit for infeed grinding. The Servo Cycle Grind System is available when we build you a new machine or as a retrofit to an existing machine. The "Jobber Machine" concept is that the machine is cost efficient to purchase, capable of fast set-ups and simplified changeovers, repeatable and fast cycle times and capable of most any part grind. This machine becomes the "Go To" grinder in your shop. It is what a "Job Shop" would want to have on their floor.

Hi-Accuracy CNC Centerless Grinder with Robot grinding 6 Parts at a Time

Infeed centerless grinding of 6 parts at a time on a Royal Master Centerless grinder. This machine is equipped with our Hi-Accuracy system and CNC dressing of the grinding wheel.