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Catheter Grinding

Royal Master Grinders and the TG-12x4 are very well known for thrufeed grinding of catheters and infeed grinding of introducers. Companies have purchased hundreds of machines to grind these products. The thrufeeding of catheters is a simple and quick process, and when coupled with an automatic loading system is very quick, and produces a polished finish on the catheter shaft. A typical shaft can be ground in less than 20 seconds. A helpful option is our pressurized wheel cleaner which cleans the matrix of the grinding wheel for longer lifetime between dressing and less downtime after dressing.

We recently manufactured a combination machine which had capabilities for thrufeed grinding of catheters as well as having CNC lite features for grinding multi-taper guidewires. This rotating feeder was a great addition to this do-all machine.


Catheter Grinding