Bedrock Series

Bedrock Series

Bedrock Series of Centerless Grinders

The granite bed of this machine was born in Vermont millions of years ago. The 8" thick and 59" long cnc centerless grinder granite surface plate quality machine bed has unmatched thermal properties and superior vibration dampening capabilities.

Bedrock Series with Enclosure Image

This 3800 lb machine has up to 7 axis capability with the inclusion of CNC grinding wheel dressing (3 axis) and CNC regulating wheel dressing (2 axis). Dress programs are accomplished from a most comfortable and familiar method, MS Excel. Using Royal Master designed wizards and macros, dress programs require little experience to program and zero G code knowledge. The 12" diameter grinding wheel is powered by up to a 15hp motor and a fully programmable inverter for superabrasive grinding wheels. Full reporting is done through our "Arnolds world" software. The machine can be remotely monitored, as well as it can send an e-mail at prescribed times to multiple addresses to report on the days grinding progress.

This machine has our High Accuracy Ram Bed with Frictionless Cross Rollerways. A Ball Screw with Gear Reducer and Servo Motor for Ram Bed Positioning, a Glass Scale Linear Encoder with 0.000,04" (0.0001mm) incrementation provide accurate ram bed positioning. Size compensations can be made in .000010" increments 2.5x the scale resolution.

The 12" diameter grinding wheel is powered by up to a 15hp motor and a fully programmable inverter for superabrasive grinding wheels. The 6" Diameter Regulating wheel is controlled by a servo motor as standard equipment.

The Touch Screen Operator Interface is intuitive and does not require any programming skills. The Windows based machine control can store Infeed Grinding Parameters for many different part grinds. The machine controls have simplified connections to accessories such as Feeders and Gauges.

Infeed Grinding can be done through two methods, conventional stock removal with constant speeds and rates or volumetric stock removal method with programmable speeds and rates. Changing the regulating wheel speed as the part grinds enables the part to have consistent RPM's thus making it a most efficient grinding process. Changing the Ram Bed infeed rate as the part size diminishes enables the part to have consistent cubic stock removal for the most efficient cycle times. Through this method as well as acoustic emissions sensing we can vary the rate of grind so the most efficient method of grinding is accomplished. This method is used for not only applications that a large amount of material is being removed but during the grinding of materials such as PCD Compaq's.

This machine grinds the most demanding applications worldwide

Dressing options for the Hi-Accuracy system range from the very basic to Full CNC for both axis. We offer conventional Dressers, Automatic Dressers for both the grinding and Regulating wheel, and also Full CNC For Both wheels. This machine has the capability to have 7 Axis of CNC motion.

Axis 1: CNC Ram Bed Positioning
Axis 2: Servo Driven Regulating wheel
Axis 3: Z Axis on CNC Grinding Wheel Dresser
Axis 4: X Axis on CNC Grinding Wheel Dresser
Axis 5: R Axis on CNC Grinding Wheel Dresser
Axis 6: Z Axis on CNC Regulating Wheel Dresser
Axis 7: X Axis on CNC Regulating Wheel Dresser


We are most excited to introduce the BEDROCK SERIES of machines to the Royal Master line of Centerless Grinders. This series of Grinders will have a platform foundation of 8 inch thick surface plate quality Vermont Granite machined with coolant trough ways. The engineering behind this substantial platform is to provide increased static stiffness under grind load, maintain thermal stability during production runs and isolate vibration from the grinding area. All of this is to result in closer tolerance capabilities. Secondary benefits include improved coolant containment both above the bed and in discharging to the filter.

Bedrock Centerless Grinder for IMTS 2012

This is the Royal Master Grinders Bedrock Centerless Grinding system. It has capabilities to grind parts to under 1/2 micron tolerances.