non-medical centerless grinding

Moderate Systems

TG-12x8 Thrufeed Microsize

The Model TG-12×8 is our most recent entry into the centerless grinding market, It boasts a 12" diameter and 8" wide grinding wheel, and a 8" diameter 8" wide regulating wheel. This particular TG-12×8 that is on the floor at IMTS is grinding 1" diameter Titanium bar stock, removing .010" material in a single pass. We are holding a straightness to less than .0001", while holding one micron roundness. This 4000lbs platform is ridged and strong for the most demanding applications. The Thrufeed Microsize system as shown makes size changes in one micron increments accurately and quickly with the pulse generator and glass scale readout.

This particular machine will have bar stock grinding supports on each side of the machine. This design is unique to the industry as various helix angles of the regulating wheel can be used, as well as a diameter range of .025" up to 1.5" diameter parts can all be accommodated by this single system. It is available in 6' lengths, and if 12' bar stock needs to be ground, simply connect two units together.

The TG-12×8 has many modern features including full touchscreen control for all machine functions, stepper and ball screw driven dressers, granite machine platform as standard equipment, and a 65 gallon coolant tank with built in filtration.

Available in the same platforms that we currently offer in our TG-12×4 series including:

  • Standard Thrufeed Sizing system
  • Thrufeed Microsize system
  • Servo Cycle ( Jobber ) system for Infeed and Thrufeed Applications
  • Hi-Accuracy Infeed and thrufeed systems

Some TG-12×8 Notable features include:

  • Twin Grip Ridged Spindle Designs
  • Bedrock Platform of 8" thick granite as standard equipment
  • Servo Driven Regulating Wheel drive as standard equipment
  • Easy to use Ram bed swivel design and work rest holder advancement system
  • Permentely mounted dressers, stepper motor and ball screw cross drives
  • Dressing systems available:
    • Air Sensing Dressers ( Standard Equipment )
    • Automatic Dressers for both Grinding and Regulating wheel
    • Over the wheel CNC Dressing for both Grinding and Regulating wheel
    • Rotary Diamond disk CNC grinding wheel Dressing
  • Ram Bed Swivel design that incorporates Turcite antifriction material for smooth friction free diameter adjustments
  • Cam Out capability at an affordable cost
  • Automation from operator assist devices to fully robotic systems

TG 12x8 Thrufeed Microsize Rendering 12x8 Mid Range Machine


PAI ( Thrufeed Grinding automotive part )

12x8 Thrufeed

TG-12x8 Servo Cycle

TG-12x8 Grinder is the ability to perform rapid load, grind and unload of applications up to 8 inches in grind length. Available in Infeed, Thrufeed, as well as Hi-Accuracy and CNC versions, this machine has a diameter capacity of 3" (75mm) in diameter. It offers a grinding wheel diameter of 12" (300mm) and a regulating wheel diameter of 8" (203mm), both being 8" (203mm) wide. The advantage is clear, wider wheels allow for longer grind profiles in a simple machine set up.

The larger machine has robust spindle and bearing design for accuracy and long life. The machine sits on our 8" (203mm) thick Starrett surface plate quality granite. The .0002" (5 micron) flatness specification forms a perfect platform for such a robust spindle design. The granite known for its rigidity and thermal properties provides greater coolant containment with its deep troughways compared to other machines on the market that have thinner cast iron beds, and makes it as strong as those who have machine platforms twice the physical size of the TG-12x8.

With these newer spindles and machine bed and base, we decided that now was the time to eliminate all hydraulics for the machine. We also added stepper drives for programmable traverse rates and ball screws to our dressers as standard equipment. With this new platform, wheel dressers are offered as Air Sensing, Automatic dressing, over the wheel CNC as well as Rotary Diamond Disk CNC platforms.

Ram bed positioning has also been upgraded with a longer and wider ram bed. With our Servo Cycle ram bed positioning option, the upper ram, utilizes Hard Chrome and Turcite for smooth, efficient and accurate movements. This low friction ram system coupled with a Motor and Ball Screw allows for precise micron movements at a lower cost.

The Ram Bed uses a swivel design where the entire ram bed swivels with the work rest holder, making guide adjustments easier for faster set-ups. We also have re-conceived the work rest holder, making it easier for the operator to advance the unit after dressing, reducing set-up time, or advancement of the work rest holder after making size compensation.

The Regulating Wheel Drive is a right angle 10:1 gear box with motor delivering 170 foot pounds of torque. The main spindle motor is 10 Hp. The Ball Screw, Gear Box and Servo Motor is controlled by a PARKER Touch Screen to deliver fine Ram Bed Position adjustments. The Operator Control Screen provides digital setting of Regulating Wheel Speed, Ram Bed Position, Wheel Dressing parameters as well as other standard machine controls.

Other companies talk about their intelligent machine controls to mask their basic limited machine designs. The TG-12x8 started with a robust spindle design and worked its way out.

The TG-12x8 is available for all types of loading applications including pick and place, robotic, and bowl feeding.

Robot machine at the MDM West 2016 Show. 12x8 Servo Cycle machine