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Wire Grinding

Generation 2 Lite

The TG-12x4 Servo Cycle (CNC Lite) has 1-5 taper capability. This machine is a variation of our fist type of guidewire grinder. Designed as a do everything guidewire grinder, it can also act as a conventional centerless grinder. If equipped, it can grind up to 5 taper wires, and also grind using an auto loader system. This machine can grind wires part to part in less than 5 seconds. We have manufactured many of these systems for those companies who are new to centerless grinding wires and want a multitude of capabilities.

The Servo Cycle System is:

  • Designed with a Ball Screw and Frameless Servo Motor with Rotary Encoder
  • Optional Linear Glass Scale
  • Infeed and Thrufeed Grind
  • 0.0001" (2.5 Micron) Repeatability
  • Easy To Use Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Programmable Infeed Cycles can be saved and recalled with unique file names
  • Thrufeed Grind with fine resolution positioning to 0.000,01" (0.00025mm) increments
  • 2" of Ram Bed travel allowing for removal of Grinding Wheel
  • Digital Read-out of Ram Position
  • Tachometer and Ammeter Display on screen
  • Library Storage on PLC of multiple Infeed Cycle Parameters
  • Expandable I/O for Automation
  • Servo Motor Driven Regulating Wheel

The Gen 2 grinder provides you with end of wire sensors for:

  • Fast and Efficient Proximal End Grinds
  • Up to 5 taper wires, 17' long (5m)
  • Capable of Long and Multiple Distal Taper Grinds
  • Available with an Outboard Rail with Fiber Optic Eyes
  • Add an Auto Load/Unload
  • Gripper Assist Wire Unload
  • Available with a Finger Blade and Finger Regulating Wheel
  • Utilize 1.5" through up to 4" wide wheel and tooling
  • Automatic Blade Sizing
  • Tapers Screen to define profile parameters
  • Part Library for storing part profiles
  • Up to 30,000 wires per insert blade

We are also demonstrating the automatic load and unload of cut to length wires. The vacuum pick head selects a single wire and delivers it to the staging area. When signaled, it places the wire in the grind level and the wire is expressed horizontally to the grind zone. Sensors positioned along the rail of the grind level signal the Servo Ram Bed Control to move in coordination with the wires position and create the intended wire profile. This can be an end grind shape, a single taper form in the wheels, a long flat taper or even multiple tapers. The wire unload is efficient and will not damage the wire tip or wire coating.

The advantage of this grind system is the speed with which the wire is loaded and ground. Cycle times can be as fast as 6 seconds including load and unload for commodity type wires


NDC ( Automatic Loading and Unloading of Hypotubes )