non-medical centerless grinding


TG-12x4 Hi-Accuracy system

The TG-12x4 Hi-Accuracy system had its origins decades ago when the requirement of hi-accuracy was holding .0001" total tolerance. With our modern Hi-Accuracy system, we talk sub micron tolerances. Based on a larger cast iron or granite machine bed, this machine has our High Accuracy Ram Bed with Frictionless Cross Rollerways. A Ball Screw with Gear Reducer and Servo Motor for Ram Bed Positioning, a Glass Scale Linear Encoder with 0.000,04" (0.0001mm) incrementation provide accurate ram bed positioning. Size compensations can be made in .000010" increments; 2.5x the scale resolution.

The 12" diameter grinding wheel is powered by up to a 10hp motor and a fully programmable inverter for superabrasive grinding wheels. The 6" Diameter Regulating wheel is controlled by a servo motor as standard equipment.

The Touch Screen Operator Interface is intuitive and does not require any programming skills. The Windows based machine control can store Infeed Grinding Parameters for many different part grinds. The machine controls have simplified connections to accessories such as Feeders and Gauges.

Infeed Grinding can be done through two methods, conventional stock removal with constant speeds and rates or volumetric stock removal method with programmable speeds and rates. Changing the regulating wheel speed as the part grinds enables the part to have consistent RPM's thus making it a most efficient grinding process. Changing the Ram Bed infeed rate as the part size diminishes enables the part to have consistent cubic stock removal for the most efficient cycle times.

Dressing options for the Hi-Accuracy system range from the very basic to Full CNC for both axis. We offer conventional Dressers, Automatic Dressers for both the grinding and Regulating wheel, and also Full CNC For Both wheels. This machine has the capability to have 7 Axis of CNC motion.

Axis 1: CNC Ram Bed Positioning
Axis 2: Servo Driven Regulating wheel (standard Equipment)
Axis 3: Z Axis on CNC Grinding Wheel Dresser
Axis 4: X Axis on CNC Grinding Wheel Dresser
Axis 5: R Axis on CNC Grinding Wheel Dresser
Axis 6: Z Axis on CNC Regulating Wheel Dresser
Axis 7: X Axis on CNC Regulating Wheel Dresser

This machine is available in a Cast iron machine bed or click here to learn more about our Granite Machine bed options with our Bedrock® Series

Infeed Grinding

This machine is our Royal Master Centerless Grinder Model TG-12x4 with High Accuracy Ram Bed Positioning. The High Speed Cross Transfer Feed System makes this grinding system both repeatable and fast. At Royal Master Grinders, our engineering staff can work with you to automate pretty much any application. Sometimes you get lucky and the part is a good one in terms of its geometry and tolerance. When this is the case, a High Speed Cross Transfer Part Loader can save seconds in cycle time.


This video features a thrufeed centerless grinder thrufeed grinding tungsten carbide down to .004". The CNC control plus the automatic feeding system make it a lights out operation.